Ingratitude is a disease of the arrogant, they always think they deserve more.

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (NKJV)

I have been challenged and inspired by some folks who attend the Tuesdays Coffee Morning at our church. Many of them have no jobs, no cars, own no houses, no certificates, no careers and sometimes no families to depend on. Many of them seem to have no hope for the future – but they are still grateful! It is truly amazing how these people can find joy in a life that many people will consider to be void of any meaning. They are not praying to God to bless them with anything materialistic, they are not praying for houses, cars, or spouses. They are all right to live each day at a time. Their prayer is mainly that God will help them to live a worthy life, free from all physical and mental sicknesses, free from alcohol or drugs.

On one particular Tuesday, about 4 of our regulars were having coffee, one of them started complaining about his life and how things have been bad. To my amazement, a lady rebuked him sternly, she said, “what else do you want in life, we have people who have accepted us, they care for us and we come together to have coffee. You should be grateful, God has been good to us.” This lady had “nothing”, many people will consider her life to be messed up but she had enough “sense” to appreciate the goodness of God. She appreciated God for what most Christians take for granted – the simple things in life.

Why are we so ungrateful? Are we too blessed to understand the importance of the simple things in life? We truly have so many things we should be grateful for instead of always bombarding God with our petitions. We have the blessing of salvation, the blessing of a sound mind, the blessing of people and the blessing of a greater tomorrow. Many of us are experiencing more blessing than we could ever have imagined. We should be conscious that our journey so far has been by the grace of God. Let us not be quick to forget where we are coming from. God has been good to us.

Most times, our gratitude lacked sincerity, many only appreciate God in order to get more from Him. We need to thank God sincerely. There is no blessing from God that is small. Those who do not have what we have, are praying to have it, we already have it but are not satisfied. We always want more, and after we have gained more, we still want more. Ingratitude is a disease of the arrogant, they always think they deserve more.

It is unfair that ingratitude is often borne out of the blessing that God gives. A man without his sight will not complain about the colour of his car, it means nothing to him. If we lack the mental capacity to reason, how can we possibly complain about what God is doing? If a man sleeps and does not wake up, how can he complain about his job? When God wakes him up, he starts complaining about why God has not changed his job. Let us not allow ingratitude to flow out of our blessing.

Be grateful, be thankful for what you have – God will perfect everything that concerns you.

Lekan Wellington Adegunwa