One of the most degrading things a man can do to himself is to “FIT IN” to the expectations of other people. God wants our lives to be transformed to please Him, not to conform to the mould of this world. Those who want you to change from who God has made you to be in order to please them are not your helpers of destiny. Don’t live your life to make others happy while you constantly struggle to be real to yourself.

We live in a world that is dominated by humanistic expectations and many people are being drawn into becoming what others want them to be. The definitions for success, achievement, fulfilment, happiness have been corrupted by the greed and insatiable appetite for self-exaltation in our generation. Many people are too desperate to be accepted as if the acceptance of men is equal to the acceptance of God. Imagine if Jesus Christ had lived to be accepted by the people of His days, how could He have fulfilled His destiny? If Paul had lived his life to please all the other apostles, including Peter, how could he have become the great influence to bring the Gentiles to the unlimited grace of Christ?

God made you for a purpose, He made you to fulfil a specific assignment. This generation needs you to be true to who you are. There are too many carbon copies, there is a need for those who are confident enough to be originals. Be confident in the grace of God upon your life. Reject fear, reject the lies that you have been told. You need God more than you need people. God will bring you to the right people, those who are needed for your destiny. Don’t make enemies, make friends but don’t live to please men. Live your life to please God.

Please, don’t lose yourself. Don’t lose your uniqueness. Don’t lose why God made you who you are. We need you to be true to yourself. God is able to make you who He wants you to be if you depend on Him completely. God’s grace is sufficient for you.

Lekan Wellington Adegunwa