There are many people who are very competent in delivering their roles but fail to perform. These people are generally considered incompetent. This is simply because competence is generally measured by performance. The fact is that people are viewed and remunerated not really by their competence but by their performance.

Competence is what you need in order to do what is assigned to you. Performance is a function of work done. It is very important that one possesses what is required to get the work done but it is very essentially that one actually gets the work done. In business, it matters what you do and the results you are able to produce. There are so many people who have what it takes to deliver results but who fail to consistently perform to the best of their ability. Many people are therefore frustrated that they cannot translate their competence into performance.

The need to move from competence to performance is quite evident if we consider that the profits, earnings or effectiveness of any organisation is not based on the competence of its workers but really on the performance that their competence is able to generate. Dwelling on increased competence without improving performance is actually not a rewarding endeavour for any organisation.

It is essential for all of us to find a way to convert competence into performance. Competence is essential but you must save yourself from the frustration of underperformance. You will not be promoted because of your competence. Your organisation need you to produce results. Your business will not make profit from your competence, your business makes money from your performance.

A football club might decide to buy a talented player because of his competence and skill but their investment is only justified when he actually performs for the team and the club. It is not a sentimental transaction. There is always a demand for performance. This explains why football clubs buy players only to sell them after a season because of a lack of performance. You can only keep your job by your performance. It is therefore not sufficient to be talented if you cannot translate your giftedness into performance.

I am not in any way underplaying the significance of competence. How do you know what you want or where you are going if you do not know what is needful to get there?
Inasmuch as it is essential that one has the ability and the competence required to deliver results in any particular area of business, it is extremely crucial for business and organisational success for people to move from competence into performance

What percentage of your competence are you delivering as performance?

BY: Lekan Wellington Adegunwa
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